By now you’ve probably heard of content marketing. It’s everywhere on the web, in your inbox, and on social media. There’s a reason for that: done well, it works. The time you used to spend chasing new clients can now be used to work on your business. Consistently providing valuable, engaging content is beneficial whether you’re a non-profit seeking funds or a for-profit pursuing leads. Here are just a few reasons to engage in content marketing:

Clients Find You

Instead of aggressively marketing to clients who may or may not need your service, content marketing allows them to find you. Because you’re writing about topics that already interest them, they will naturally be drawn by your article or post.

Position Yourself as the Expert

Content marketing allows you to showcase your knowledge. The more you post, the more potential clients discover the depth of your expertise. This puts you at the forefront of their minds when they need a service or product like yours.

Create Brand Loyalty by Adding Value

Unlike traditional marketing, content marketing asks for nothing in return, at least not right away. Instead, it provides a steady stream of valuable, relevant content to clients and potential clients. When you do eventually ask for a donation or promote a sale, they’re more likely to consider it because you are now a trusted and reliable source.

Capture Institutional Wisdom

Aside from attracting clients, content marketing also serves a valuable internal purpose by creating a record of what your organization knows and how it does business.

Establish a Track Record

Any potential new client will want to know how long you’ve been in business (especially if you’re a roofer or contractor). While your website by itself may not reflect longevity, a series of regular posts does.

* Bonus Benefit: Find Out What Your Clients Think About You

Clients can be great sources of stories for articles and blog posts. Tales of how you rescued them from the dire plumbing emergency/ IT jungle/ unemployment pit will go a long way toward establishing your credibilty. They will also give you a chance to see what your clients really think about your service AND (hopefully) remind them of why they like you so much.