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I’m Heidi Smith, owner, founder and Chief Storyteller. What gets me out of bed in the morning is simple: opportunities to work with people and organizations that are changing the world, reproachful looks from my dogs, and the promise, however faint, of coffee. As a writer, I see my role as opening doors for those who are helping us all to evolve, whether through an innovative product or system or a new approach to a societal challenge.

About ME

My Superpowers

include the ability to get a story out of just about anybody, an analytical mind that can break down formidable blocks of information into digestible chunks (a leftover from my teaching days) and a knack for storytelling, regardless of the industry I’m writing about. Accounting, anyone? I didn’t think so. (But if you’re an accountant, I will make your story compelling, I promise!)

A few memorable moments along the way include an article that was shared over 600 times on social media and boosted business by 30% for the story’s subject, the first time my story made the cover of a regional magazine, and the opportunity to interview my personal humor writing hero Dave Barry. Yes, he is as funny in conversation as he is in print.

Prior to becoming a writer full-time I  taught high school and community college Language Arts and History, coached a high school soccer team, led backcountry trail crews,  facilitated ropes courses, counseled high-risk teenagers,  served banquets , wrote a humor column and worked as a camp counselor.  This eclectic background, combined with an innate curiosity, has allowed me to relate to the diverse cross-section of people I meet on a daily basis. It’s never dull! 

If you’re up to something great and want help getting your story told, I’d love to talk with you – just as soon as I’ve had a cup of coffee and finished walking my dogs.


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